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We at “Magna Infotech” are committed to fulfill our environmental commitments through the following actions:

  • Improve resource efficiency in energy and water consumption across organization.
  • Adopt the “3-R” (reduce, reuse and recycle) philosophy for all types of wastes toward prevention of pollution and dispose of “inevitable” wastes, especially electronic waste, in line with regulatory requirements or industry best practices.
  • Promote “green procurement” to the maximum extent possible.
  • Consider stakeholder expectations on our environmental performance in the design of infrastructure, operations, processes and solutions to the extent feasible.
  • Remain committed to complying with all the applicable standards in all other locations where we operate our business.
  • Communicate the environmental policy to all employees, business associates and other stakeholders and ensure that the policy is available to all.
  • Review the environmental policy and allied management systems periodically to ensure their continuing applicability and relevance to our operations and evolving stakeholder expectations.
  • Utilize natural and man-made resources both economically and conservatively.
  • Mentor our employees, vendors and stakeholders by cascading our environmental initiatives and adherence towards maintaining Green surroundings.